Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9 of Thankfulness - Champs Elysses Bakery

I know I know. Most of what I am thankful for is food in some way shape or form! But today I am super thankful for my local bakery. We love the bread that comes from there and tend to get some special treats every now and then. Now I know you know about my love for cake, but cake is not a treat over here…so we skip the cake and go for the pastries. Yum! 

The bakery is an easy walk from our apartment. That is definitely one thing I love about Wuxi, we are able to walk to so many places. Aiden and I go at least once a week to stock up on bread for breakfast and sandwiches. On the weekends if we go when Jeffrey is home, that is when we normally get the sweet treats, but every now and then I have to splurge! 

If you ever come to visit China, it is a sure bet that you will be taken to Champs Elysees bakery! So come visit!!!
The staff here is so sweet! And look at all those fresh baked goodies!!!!

Its a peach pastry of sorts, put it in the toaster oven to warm and oooo lala!!! Yummy!
Forgive the picture, I couldn't resist taking a bite before taking the shot. They gave me a fresh out of the oven custard pie! Delicious!!!

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