Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 13 of Thankfulness - Our Landlord Emily

So I am way behind here aren’t I? Life here in China gets away from me fast! But there is still so much that I am thankful for...and one of those is that I do have lots to fill my time with. You know me...I would go crazy if I was bored all the time. Ha! 

Today I am EXTREMELY thankful that we have been blessed with an amazing landlord. Emily Yang is an answer to prayer about our life here. She takes fabulous care of us and our apartment. She speaks great English so that helps me out! I know I can call her at any time to ask a question and she always finds an answer for me, even on things NOT dealing with the apartment.She has even helped us buy train tickets! 

She also has a little boy named “Happy” that is about 2 months younger than Aiden. She has brought him over a few times to play and the boys always have fun! We are just blessed all the way around to have her family in our life!

We are definitely grateful for Emily!

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