Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 of Thankfulness - Baby Carrier!

Today I am thankful for our Infantino Baby Carrier! Can I tell you how great this is???? For living in a country that is not stroller or car seat friendly, this has been a life saver!!! We had a different carrier before we moved over here and it just proved not to be very user friendly. It was hard to get Aiden in and out of it and he just didn’t like it all that well. But thanks to my wonderful parents, we have the Infantino one and we LOVE it! 
I know this is a very strange thing to be adding on my blog of thankfulness, but it’s true. I’m very thankful for this. As soon as I start putting it on, Aiden gets super excited and can’t wait to “go.” He loves that he sits up high and can see the world. He will wave his arms and kick his legs in excitement. No matter where we are going, if we are taking the stroller or not, we always have Aiden in the carrier to go in the taxi. It makes the ride much safer since most do not have seat belts. And in taxi’s the car seat is just not practical anymore since it is not used with the stroller any more. We would just be hauling it around. So yes, we have moved on from the “have to be in the car seat” mode. But since Aiden is strapped to me, I do feel safer. 

As you saw from a previous post, we kept him in the carrier while at the Giant Buddha here in town. There were tons of steps so taking the stroller was not an option, but we could still go and enjoy ourselves! And even on our trip to the Zoo, when Aiden wanted to really look at the animals, he had a blast in the carrier!

I love the fact that it has a waist strap as well and that helps to distribute his weight better. He can face forward, face me, or even on my back like a backpack! For any parent needing a baby carrier, I HIGHLY recommend the Infantino! It has served us well on many occasions that we just can’t take the stroller!Thanks Mom and Dad for sending this! Its fabulous! :)

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