Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adventures in the USA!

We are back in China and slowly getting settled in. Jet lag is a pain in the tail! But man was it worth every penny to go home for a visit. What a fabulous 3 weeks even though it was a whirlwind. 
We began our trip in North Carolina. How great it was to see my parents. I wasn’t sure how Aiden would react to new people since he had really only seen them on skype for the most part of his life, but wow did he ever take to them. From the moment we arrived he was giving hugs, and once we got to their house he was a wild man. The jet lag on that side was rough as well, but for the first two nights we were up partying at 3am. That was a fun special time for Aiden with his MiMi and Uncle Matt. Though poor Uncle Matt was exhausted (as were his parents!) by the end of the weekend. He had to go home just to get caught up on rest. The rest of the week was spent going out for lunch with my parents and having some fun in Hickory. One of the BEST parts of the week was that my Dad took off work every day after lunch to spend time with us. That was so extremely special!!!!  Aiden enjoyed every minute of time with his grandparents! They were even kind enough (I know it was a HUGE sacrifice....) to keep Aiden for two evenings to Jeffrey and I could have a date night. We haven’t been to a movie in a long time and if you are looking for a good one, I highly recommend Mission Impossible 4. Wow! We were kind of afraid of going to a movie since we were so tired, but this one kept us on the edge of our seat the whole time. Thanks Mom and Dad for a GREAT week!!! 
The second week of our trip took us to Missouri. My amazing sisters in law found us a FABULOUS house on the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend get away with the entire family. Aiden had so much fun with his cousins running around. That week he finally started sleeping through the night again. Whew! I forgot what a total blessing it is to have your child sleep through the night until that no longer happens. Sleep is my friend. I think his two cousins wore him out. Ethan and Elliot are so precious!!!! We are definitely a proud Aunt and Uncle of those two! Later in the week, my father in law gave Jeffrey and I a gift certificate to an amazing restaurant in town for another date night out. Talk about an AMAZING steak!!!! We were so stuffed by the end of the night but it was so well worth it. Thank you Art!!! We also had a night where all of Jeffrey’s extended family came to dinner. What a fun night! I love that his family will come from all over for a family gathering! So special. Thanks Ratliff family for an amazing week!!! 
We ended our trip in our home state of Georgia!!! was like being at home. Being able to drive and know where you are going, hang out with amazing friends, and go to our wonderful home church was an amazing experience. Made us realize even more how thankful we are for where we live. I spent all of my mornings during the week at Jenn Chini’s house. I tell you what, she has a precious daughter. And it was so wonderful getting to see my best friend and it felt like no time had passed at all. God has really blessed me by putting her in my life!!!!!  Our first day in Georgia, my sweet friends planned an open house for us and we got to see so many wonderful people! Thank you for all of you who came by! It meant the world to us to see each of you and get to catch up on your lives. Cheryl Mahr, I definitely missed you my sweet friend. Lisa is your question. What did Jeffrey and I pick up for dinner when we came to your house?? Answer in the comment section please. We’ll see how long it takes. Ha!  To ALL of our amazing friends, THANK YOU for a fabulous week! 

Our time in America definitely went by way to fast. We got to do so much, but yet there are so many things that we will miss being back here. Target is one of those things...and a mall that has great stores and is stroller friendly. It was so nice to be able to shop for the things you need and be able to get everything and be able to find them in an easy manner. And good food is another great thing. My two favorites were Chick-fil-a and Red Robin. I knew I was craving a good cheeseburger, but didn't realize how much until I took the first bite. Wow! Heaven on earth. When we move back in a few years, if you are ever looking for us on a weekend, you will probably find us there. I'll never take a good burger for granted again. 

Being in America and now back in China has definitely made us more grateful for the things we have. We are definitely blessed on both sides of the ocean with good friends, a great place to live, and good food to eat. Thanks Father! 

Until next time...enjoy whatever adventure God has you on at the moment. Ours is still in progress!