Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17 of Thankfulness - Packages from Home

Packages from Home!!!!
This has been a HUGE blessing! THANK YOU TO MY AMAZING PARENTS!!!! They have so willingly sent us items that we could not get here that were needed. When we first arrived we found that there were not a lot of options for baby food (now of course our local store has gotten quite a selection), so they sweetly sent a TON of food for Aiden! Fruits, veggies, snack food and cereals!!! And as I have ordered clothes for Aiden, they send them to us, as well as all the clothes MiMi gets for Aiden herself.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for this gift. It always puts a little bit of home into our lives here. We love opening the packages and pulling out all the goodies.  They even sent cake items for my birthday and for Jeffrey’s birthday! What sweet gestures! Mom even found some coffee creamer packets that she knew I would like! One thing she sent that has already come in handy is some Tide washing machine cleaner!  Just so much to be thankful for! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’m so extremely grateful for my family in more ways than just this of course! God has so richly blessed me beyond anything I can imagine! I love that we get to skype with my parents at least a few times a week. As soon as Aiden hears the skype noise, he comes running! Having a grandson has brought out such a new and fun side to my parents and I love to watch them talk to Aiden. He adores them so much! Its definitely a blessing to get to talk to them so often. It gets lonely sometimes around here so having people from home to talk to makes me feel like we aren’t halfway around the world! I have a fabulous brother, Matt, and sister in law as well. Those I don't really see Jenn as a sister in law as much as just as sister!

Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!

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