Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 2 of Thankfulness - All about Aiden

Today I am thankful for Aiden. In the 10 months we have been blessed with him, he has grown and changed so much. As I look back on pictures from when we first got here until now it amazes me. 
April 2011

November 2011

At the moment he is now fully walking. He will still crawl some, but he pretty much walks everywhere he needs to go. And within the last 3 days, he has figured out that he can stand up without pulling up on anything. Big accomplishments! His favorite word is DaDa. I have been working with him to say MaMa, but he just smiles and says DaDa. Can you tell this boy loves his DaDa? He will say MaMa just not very often. I’ll take it. 

One of the funnier things he has started doing is crossing his arms. I’ve been working hard to get a picture of this, but I haven’t been able to capture it. Cracks me up! Then as he is walking when he plops down on his bottom he will say, “Oh!” My sweet and funny boy! 

He loves to go outside and play. Recently we took him to the little playground outside our apartment. He wasn’t really sure what to do at first, especially when we sat him down in the sand. Eventually though he started enjoying himself! I’m hoping the weather this weekend is nice so we can go out and play again! 

Aiden LOVES to read and every morning, first thing he does after breakfast is go over to his bookshelf and pull all of his books off. He will just sit there in the pile and look at one after another. We do a lot of reading together too. That is such a special moment for me since that is one of the few times he will sit in my lap for a long period of time. I think I have most of his books memorized now! 

We are still holding strong on only 2 teeth. The top ones are being slower than molasses coming in. Even still, he eats extremely well…unless you count veggies…then he won’t touch those. He is very much a meat and fruit kind of kid. Any kind of meat you put in front of him, he will devour. He will eat a whole banana and loves watermelon. He does not like eggs. We keep trying them, but he just makes an awful face and spits it out. 

Stay tuned…this boy is growing like a weed. 

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