Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Adventures in Transportation

I realized something yesterday...both of my "new" experiences in transportation here in Wuxi have happened with my friend Andrea. The first was a few months after we had been here. I was still adamant about not taking a taxi since Aiden wouldn't be in a car seat. I had set my mind to either walking everywhere or waiting on my driver. But one extremely hot day we were going to visit my friend Julie and they had been spraying for mosquitos around, so walking wasn't optimal and my driver at that time wasn't free. So I bit the bullet and put Aiden in the baby carrier and we met Andrea and got in a Taxi. That was the beginning of the end. Ha! From that moment on, my mindset changed and we were taking taxis everywhere and no longer was Aiden in a car seat all the time, even with our driver. Times change huh? 

Well, today was another one of those experiences. We still take taxis everywhere and use my driver most of the time, but today we took a ride with Andrea and her two kids in their new Tuk Tuk. 

This is a three wheeled cart that has a bed attached to it with two bench seats. It was quite the fun experience. We drove down to one of our local malls to have lunch. So enjoy our journey in pictures. 

Thank you Andrea for yet another fun experience that challenges me to try new things! 

Aiden and his sweet friend Joy. 

My precious friend Ando and baby Timothy. 

This is how we sat for the ride to lunch. 

Here we go!!! 

Aiden LOVED the ride....think I can talk Jeffrey into getting one??? 

The view as we drove. It was hilarious to watch the reactions of others around us as they saw white people riding in a Tuk Tuk. Ha! 

The kids after we arrived at Baolong. They loved the ride. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chinese Nap Time.....

Even though it is hotter than hot outside these days, we are still enjoying our 5K walk to Starbucks each Monday. I used to never look forward to Mondays but now its one of my favorite days of the week. 

This week on our walk back we came across 4 men spaced out on the sidewalk taking a nap. We had to dodge them so we didn't run over them with our strollers. It was quite a funny site and it never fails to amaze me just how well they can sleep anywhere and everywhere. 

So, enjoy a view of a Chinese Nap! 

This was the first thing we saw when we were almost back to our apartment. 

How on earth is he comfortable?

At least he found some shade! 

Use your shoes as a pillow...smart man.