Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 of Thankfulness - Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Interesting Adventures in Grocery Shopping! I was thankful for laughter a few days ago, but this is just something that continually pops up. So today, I am thankful for certain adventures that make me laugh. Grocery shopping is ALWAYS one of those adventures. This too, if you ever come to visit, will be an experience we will take you too. You haven’t really experienced China until you go grocery shopping. 

Julie and I went to Metro (our version of Sams or Costco) last night. As with any shopping trip, you are stared at quite a bit and they LOVE to look in our carts to see what we are buying.  This was extremely evident last night as we were checking out. One of the things I was stocking up on way the Land O Lakes Sharp Cheddar Cheese blocks. I haven’t seen the sharp lately, so when I saw them I had to buy them all. The guy behind us in line starting rifling through all of my purchases and was particularly interested in the cheese. He couldn’t get it figured out. I don’t know exactly what he was looking for on it but it was funny to watch. He was so intent on checking it out he didn’t notice me take his picture. Ha! He did have a buddy with him and he noticed and tried to get his friend to move away from my stuff, but the guy was just way to into my cheese! I guess this is one of those “you had to be there” kind of situations, but here is a picture of the guy nonetheless! 
Checking out the cheese...

Jeffrey and I joke about going shopping here, that when Aiden is older, we are going to take him to the store and tell him we are going to the “aquarium.” They have so many different live seafood items; some (at least to me being an American) are quite strange. Let me know what you think…and if you would ever buy or cook these!!! 
Eels...they look too much like snakes to me!


Since grocery shopping is always an adventure, there will be many more posts in my future about these experiences…so watch out! And be thankful today for your clean, neat and orderly grocery stores!!!!  
This is just purely for the fun of the picture...if these are tampons, I'm kind of confused...

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