Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3 of Thankfulness - Laughter

Laughter – this is what gets us through many a day! I’m extremely grateful that God has a sense of humor and puts things in our life to make us laugh. It shakes up the rough days and puts a good smile back on your face. Here in China there is a LOT to laugh at. Here are some pictures that have made me laugh (and sometimes cringe). I’ve posted some of these previously, but they just fit so well with laughter! Enjoy and be thankful today for the gift of laughing! 

Apparently this is the top "experimental" school around...any takers??

Split pants...need I say more?

A "weeding" not a wedding.

Our friend Ocean. Such a sweet guy but his name makes me laugh.

A rooster attached to a moped. I would have loved to watch them drive!!!

The Chinese version of a snuggie!

When I tried to buy a water cooler, it took 7 people to figure out my name! ha!
 There are many more things in which to laugh over, but these are just a few. Don't forget the decorating pork floss...or that you can buy entire bags of MSG over here! So laugh today and enjoy each crazy moment you encounter!

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