Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 21 of Thankfulness - Friendship


What an amazing gift friends are! And this is one gift that, like a silly girl, I doubted God on. Before we moved over to China I was extremely worried that I would not have friends over here. Every time someone asked me how they could pray for us, selfishly I asked that I would meet people that I could talk to and perhaps that Aiden could have a buddy as well. To go even farther in this prayer I wanted someone for Jeffrey as well. I mean really…I know I’m PLENTY friend enough, ha…but I wanted him to have a buddy as well.

Wouldn’t you know that prayer was COMPLETELY answered and so much more!!! Why do I ever doubt? The biggest answer to this prayer is the Sager Family! Can I just tell all of you how blessed we are to have them as friends. This family moved over 2 weeks before we did, and we are trying to work it out that we will be on the exact same plane moving home.  I think I spend most of my time here over at Julie’s house. Poor girl…I’ve just taken up residence over there…but it’s a great home and place to be! They have a son who is exactly one month older than Aiden and they are true buds! They are now getting to the stage that they are starting to interact more and not just be in the same room. It’s adorable to watch them play and to see them grow together. What a great friendship theirs will be! Their other 3 girls are the light of our lives too! Jeffrey has found a buddy in Rob as well! Total answered prayer in this family! Many days when Jeffrey comes home from work and asks how my day was I end up simply saying, “I’m thankful for Julie!” And I really mean it! She is the answer to almost all of my prayers before coming over here and between her and Jeffrey, I stay somewhat sane! I do know that it’s hard to keep a person who is already a little crazy sane, but it works.  

Even more on friendships in China…I love that I have friends from around the world. What a neat experience it has been getting to know friends in totally different cultures. I’ve learned so much and love hanging out with each one. I tell you, the people that I have met over here are probably by far my biggest area of Thankfulness! We’ve met friends from France, South Africa, Singapore, China, and Portugal, just to name a few. I’m not sure which language Aiden will pick up faster, English, Mandarin or French! He hears them all on a regular basis so it will be neat to see what he does when he starts talking. 

Our days get filled up pretty fast with all the people we have gotten to meet. It’s extremely humbling to know that God already knew about the people I would meet and put them in my path. Each day is a new adventure and we are so thankful!

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  1. This too is an answer to our prayers. How I worried that you and Aiden would be alone so much while Jeffrey had to work or travel. God is an awesome and amazing God. Thank you Father also for the gift of Friendship.
    Love to see each day what you are thankful for. This too is a blessing. Love you lots. Mom