Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Year of Aiden

Aiden’s first birthday party was a blast! We are so blessed to have good friends that celebrate big days with us here.
We had his party on Saturday, December 17th since his actual birthday was on a Sunday. Jeffrey and I tried making a “from scratch” cake (our first and probably last ever). Needless to say, it didn’t turn out very well…I apparently used the wrong kind of flour. Ha! The cupcakes were so dense! We had made a small Aiden sized cake out of the leftover batter and even though it wasn’t going to be edible…we used it to out the candle on. Aren’t we great parents? I was very grateful that my mother had sent me a box of funfetti cake mix (my FAVORITE) for my birthday awhile back and I just hadn’t used it. So that became the birthday cupcakes for the day. Glad we had a backup! We would have been up a creek without a paddle if we hadn’t.
The day of the party came and we made Rice Krispy Chicken and Mac n Cheese for lunch. Aiden devoured all of his chicken, but we are still trying to convince him that mac n cheese is good. If he doesn’t like it I don’t know if he is really my child….! But I digress.
When we got to the cake part of the day, we brought out the candle cake that we had covered with chocolate icing. He didn’t know what to think but got so excited. Before we could take that one away and sub it out with a cupcake, he had both of his hands in the chocolate icing and was devouring it. When we finally changed it out for the cupcake, he ate the whole thing! I guess he really is my child if he loves cupcakes!  

We took everyone to go play at one of the play places here in town and wore the boys (and girls) out! Aiden loves to run around, especially when there are bigger kids that he can watch. He wants to be just like them. 

Still in shock that my sweet boy is 1 year old now. Where has the time gone? He is growing and changing so much daily. He still loves to read books. Anytime music is playing he starts dancing. He loves to be outside playing or somewhere that he can just run and run. The boy has boundless energy. He gives wonderful hugs and is a total daddy’s boy. We love our little boy! 

Change of Heart

We have had a change of heart! Meaning…of all the funny and crazy things we have seen in China, we stumbled across a youtube video that puts everything into perspective. People of Walmart! Wow!!!! Watch and enjoy! 

We shared this video with some friends of ours this week who are from Singapore. I wish to goodness that I had been smart enough to get either a picture or video of them while watching this. I’m sure it looked a little like our expressions when we see something strange here. Bug eyes, mouth wide open and just the total deer in the headlights look. Hilarious! They kept asking if this was what all Americans looked like and how they act. 

I guess no matter where you go in this world, there are always going to be strange people and strange sightings that we just don’t know what to think about. This realization has made things a bit easier to deal with odd things here in China. Laugh it up my friends…that is what makes life fun.