Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 5 - The 5K Club

The 5 K Club! Such a great name for the group that walks to Starbucks every Monday morning right? We came up with that name to make it sound a little bit better than just going to get coffee all the time, but we all know the truth. Ha! The walk itself, if we go straight there and back is 1.9 miles each right about a 5 K. Coffee and exercise together?  It doesn't get much better than that! 
Donna & Aiden in front of our Starbucks. 
It began with just Donna and myself, but as the weeks and months have gone by, we have added quite a few new "members" and some days we have as many as 10 ladies going for a walk. Makes Mondays a little bit better. 

Aiden, during the warmer months, loves to run around outside while we sit and drink coffee. 

Now we don't just go to Starbucks, we also stop by the Fruit Lady, the Veggie Market (more on that to come later this month) and the Bakery. So we make great use of our time out. We start off on our walk at 9:30am and usually get back home between 12 and 1pm. 
Our group is growing by leaps and bounds. We have so much fun together. 

Its a great day all around on Mondays and for this I am so thankful. Its easy to dread Mondays, with Jeffrey going back to work (or leaving on a trip), or just being bummed the weekend is over. But our little group has changed that and now it is something to look forward to and for this I am so thankful! 
Bring on Mondays!!!!! 

Aiden & Jerry, our barista 

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