Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 18 - 23 months of Aiden

I can't believe that in one month from today, my crazy little boy turns 2! Where on earth has the time gone? Though he drives me insane at times I'm so thankful for this guy. He keeps me company while Jeffrey travels, goes on all my crazy adventures with me and loves to play with cars. His favorite movie at the moment is Cars and Cars 2 (do you see a theme here...) and if you let him he will watch them non-stop.

He loves fruit and will eat apples any chance he gets and of course...goldfish! He takes after his Mama and is a cheese lover.

His favorite person in the world is his daddy. He gets so excited when Jeffrey walks through the door in the evening. I love watching him and Jeffrey together. Its a precious sight.

Here are pictures over the last year...he has changed so much. Thank you Father for my sweet crazy little boy. Mommy and Daddy love you Aiden!

December 2011 - Aiden's 1st birthday...he was COVERED in icing by the end of this venture. 

January - Our visit to the states...having a blast with his cousins in Missouri

February - a fun photo shoot with his buddy Jessica in their Chinese outfits. 

March - the weather is finally getting better so we can play outside. He LOVES rocks. 

April - Aiden got his first haircut in China. He looks like a totally different kid! 

May - posing with his Chinese buddy in the complex

June - Fun at the zoo with Daddy

July - Hanging out with Aunt Mabel learning to "pose". This was the first time he did it and now it is in all of his pictures! 

August - At the park with his buddy Joy

September - Aiden and his best buddy Noah - sending a big shout out to Noah today as it is his birthday. Noah turns 2 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! 

October - Mimi and Grandpa! Aiden had a blast with them getting spoiled at every turn. 

November - on a canal ride with the Wuxi International Club

November - teaching his buddy Sal all about the joys of watching Cars. 

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  1. Happy 23 months Aiden! We love playing and learning from you. You are such a patient friend!

    Love, Sal and Brie