Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 22 - My Stroller

Before I start telling you what I'm thankful for today and why, I want to say....


We are called to be thankful everyday, and to give thanks in everything, but today is a special day that is set aside specifically for that purpose. So today, specifically, lets all look for the things we are thankful for....whether we want to be thankful for something or not, look for the good in things. We serve a God who is sovereign and gives us only good things (whether we see it as good or not is our choice, but its all for our good and HIS glory) lets say THANK YOU! 

Another side note...I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet sister in law Jennifer! I hope your day sis is wonderful! We love you so much and miss you more. Enjoy your special day and make Matt treat you right! LOVE YOU! to the post...

You know how yesterday I was thankful for walking? Well I totally couldn't do that without The Bob! When Jeffrey and I were looking at Strollers before Aiden was born it took us awhile to truly decide if we wanted to invest in one or not. My wonderful sister in law has one and that is how we discovered them. Let me just say...they are amazing! I'm so thankful to have this thing here in China where the roads aren't even and you have to go up and down stairs quite often. 

Thank you makers of The knew we were moving to China. 

Love the big wheels on my stroller so when we have to go upstairs I can drag it up easier.
Man do I miss good escalators or elevators that are not blocked off. 

Aiden loves it too. 

I love the fact that it lays down so he can sleep while we walk. 

I'm also super thankful to have an umbrella stroller. This stroller is totally different and so much smaller but it can fit in the back of a taxi easy and can actually fit through the barriers in all the stores. So for days I need to shop or go downtown in a taxi on my own this is the stroller I take. So much lighter and easier. 

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