Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 27 - Healthcare

Today I'm piggy backin' off my dear friend Brie's blog on how to be thankful for our healthcare here in China. 

Back in America I do know that I took good healthcare for granted. If I needed to go to the doctor I could call and be seen the same day. No need to stand in line forever waiting just to get in. 

There is this clinic that we pass all the time on our 5K walk. In the mornings there are always a ton of people standing around, apparently waiting to get in. Not really sure the whole reason behind this. 

This week as we walked by this guy on a stretcher was being brought in from out of nowhere in the freezing cold with his head fully hanging off the end. We were a little shocked. 

But this made me ever so thankful that we have the Wuxi United Family Clinic where we have English speaking doctors and I can get an appointment right away! God has truly blessed us abundantly in this. I know that we get great care and I don't have to go into Shanghai to get Aiden's shots. Yea for good healthcare!!!!! 

My camera on my phone was too slow and I missed getting his head hanging off. 

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