Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 21 - The Joy of Walking

I have to say that one of my most favorite things about the city I live in is the fact that I can walk everywhere! I'm thankful for this fact because it gets us out of the apartment and allows us to explore this new city we call home. There is always interesting things to see and its even better when you get to go for walks with friends. 

When we first arrived in Wuxi this was all I could do. We were living in a hotel with a kid who wouldn't nap without screaming (yea...I needed to get out) so we would walk and walk. Now its a part of our lives, from the 5 K Club on Mondays, to walks to the park or just walking to go get veggies. We love some good exercise. 

From our house we can walk to the playground, a few different grocery stores, Starbucks of course, friends houses, and so many different places to eat. I must say that this is the part about life in China that I will miss more than anything. As much as I really miss driving, I'm thankful that I am forced to walk so that I can get some exercise and enjoy everything about Wuxi. 
So today, enjoy some of the things we see and do as we walk in our city. 
We play "chicken" constantly with the mopeds...who is going to move???
The stroller or the moped?? 

Construction is going up everywhere...who knows what this is going to be but its right next to our complex. 

Toilet anyone???

Walk with a friend...it makes the walk much better. 

Starbucks and ice cream always make an evening walk better. 

Or maybe I'll just drive...now if only I could get the keys. 

There is so many fun things to see as you walk around our city...come visit me and we'll take a walk together! 


  1. Love this post! It's one of my favorite things about city living too. Being able to walk to so many things around us and forcing myself to get exercise and "fresh" (haha) air.

    1. "Fresh" air...isn't that the BEST!!!! :)