Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26 - Fireworks....

Yea yea yea....I know what you are thinking (esp. those of you living here in China)...thankful...for FIREWORKS??????? I don't believe you.

Well most days you are right. And as I sit here writing this post I confess I'm struggling to really be thankful for them as they are blasting around our complex and I'm praying that Aiden doesn't wake up.

But...I am really working on finding the good in everything, so I'm going to find the good in fireworks today.

Back in America I LOOOOOOOVED fireworks and they were some of the highlights of my year. My birthday is July 5th so I would always celebrate a day early and pretend the fireworks were in my honor. They were beautiful as they light up the night sky. What an amazing thing to watch...from a far.

See the smoke...that is the fireworks going off right in front of the building. 

These were sooooo loud. 

As soon as this guy would light them he would take off running. 
Here in China fireworks are an everyday event it seems like. I'm never fully sure what the reason is, but the one thing I am very certain of...they are loud! They shoot them off right outside of our building at all hours of the day or night.

I guess if I have to come up a few reasons why I am thankful for fireworks that at times are the bane of my we go.

1. My heart rate no longer jumps through the roots when they go off.

2. Aiden sleeps right through them...PTL!!!!

3. I could probably survive a war zone...these things sound like a war zone.

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