Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 14 - City Shop

Today I am SUPER DUPER THANKFUL for City Shop. You have heard me talk about this more than once and this is a recurring thankfulness post, but I just had to. This grocery store provides a service that I do not have in the states...they deliver my groceries right to my door! With having a toddler this is fantastic, saves me from having to actually go to the store very often. 

If I spend 300rmb ($48) I get free delivery. If not then delivery is just 20rmb ($3.20). The 20rmb is the price of a taxi ride to and from my closest grocery store, so I don't always feel like I HAVE to spend 300rmb. Its quite a wonderful thing.

My awesome delivery man who always knows where I am to bring me my groceries. 

The way this company is works is you go online and browse through all their wonderful western style products and place your order. They deliver to Wuxi every Tuesday. Now Tuesdays is the day that I have my ladies study at my friend Julie's house, so I'm not at my house when they deliver. But over time our delivery guy has learned where I am and brings me my groceries right to Julie's house...even if she hasn't ordered that day. Fabulous! 
Thank you City Shop!!!!! 

My stash of goodies this week. Chili and White Chicken Chili will be made in spades this winter! 

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