Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29 - Shopping!

O how I LOVE to shop! I miss Target ever so much and get sooo jealous when I see people going on FB or anywhere else...ha! But since we don't have Target, we have the next best thing...well...I'm going to pretend like its the next best thing. 

Stuff Mart!

This place has been affectionally named this by foreigners because it is full guessed it...STUFF! 

Anything and everything that you could possibly want you can find here. There are 5 main buildings to this place with 3 floors each. Surrounding the main buildings are tons of smaller buildings with different types of shops as well. You could spend HOURS here and still not see everything they have. At times it can be quite overwhelming, but we love it. 

So today, I'm super thankful that we have places that we can shop while enjoying lots of laughter with friends over the fun stuff we see. 

Tea shops galore!

Even some construction going on...this guy had a nail gun aimed right at us. 

Our "shopping buddies". Aiden wasn't so happy at this moment...he wanted out! 

During the week there aren't so many people here, but on the weekends it is PACKED!

Just some of the "stuff" you can buy. 

We have to take our little strollers since they block off the escalators, but somehow the mopeds still make it inside. We about got run over 3 different times today. 

New bangs anyone?

If you look closely, this is a 3 wheel cart driving though. He was honking his horn like crazy to make us move out of his way. 

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