Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 4 - Thankful for my Parents coming to China

This is going to be a post of pictures. I'm so thankful that my parents made the trip to China and spent 2 whole weeks with us. For those of you who know my father, this was pretty incredible!! We had such a great time together and instead of telling you all about it with words, I'll show you in pictures. We had so much fun, esp. Aiden. He loved having Mimi and Grandpa around. 

Mom and Dad in the taxi on the way to the Police Station. We tried to go get them registered, but no one really knew what they were doing, so we just headed back home. 
Dad trying some "stinky fruit" We had this stuff at the house for less than 2 days and it had to be moved 3 times. We had it in the kitchen, then the pantry, then outside cause it stunk up the whole house. 

Mom wasn't sure what to think about this stuff...she wasn't going to try it at all. 

Then Mabel and William showed up and taught us what this stuff really was. They love it....we still weren't sure. 

Durian...this is what the inside of the fruit looked like.  
Morning playtime with Grandpa. 

On Tuesday we went to Lingshan Buddha...this is in front of the palace. 
Posing with Aiden. 

With the buddha in the background. 

Wednesday we had a lazy day and walked to the park. 

Dad was growing out his beard while here...this is day 7! 

Strong Mimi! 

Having fun with Granpa

Smiles for MiMi!

On Thursday we went to Dunkin Donuts downtown so Dad could try the Pork Floss Donut. 

This was his reaction....hahaha! 
Mom's turn...she didn't really like it either. 

Day 8 of the beard! One of the best pictures I have of my Dad as well. 

Using chopsticks like a Boss! 

Way to go Mom!!! 

At my favorite Hong Kong restaurant! Yum!!!!! 

Dad and Aiden in front of the Chinese Optical shop. My dad is an Optometrist so we had to get this picture. 

Aiden's birthday came early. Mimi and grandpa bought him a bike. Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenn bought him a basketball goal. 

GG bought Aiden a piano with a microphone. 
On Friday we took the train into Suzhou and let Mom and Dad do some shopping there. They had a blast and bought so many different gifts to take back. :)

On Saturday we went to the Wuxi Zoo. Aiden loves the zoo and he had so much fun there with Mimi and Grandpa! 

Having a picnic lunch. 

We ended up at a Hot Pot restaurant in Shanghai...needless to say, it was our least favorite. 

At the Shanghai Aquarium. 

Aren't they so cute????

Having fun in the Oriental Pearl Tower. Up in the Space Module. 

Grandpa and Aiden horsing around. 

On the sky floor level...Dad was having a blast. 

Mom wasn't so sure...she didn't realize until this moment that she had a fear of heights.

It was a fabulous trip all around. We did so much and walked everywhere. My parents were such troopers and willing to do anything that we threw their way. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to visit!!!! Love you!!! 

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