Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 19 - Good Food!

You know how much I love to eat, so today I am super thankful for so many good restaurants around Wuxi that we can enjoy. My favorite type of place to eat is at Japanese restaurants and we have so many good ones around. 

I know its strange, but I guess I'm just not a massive fan of actual Chinese food, other than dumplings of course. I could definitely eat Jiaozi at any point. We have a great Jiaozi place here in our city that is so good and inexpensive. For 6 adults to go and eat and stuff ourselves silly the price is normally around 200rmb or $30. Crazy cheap huh? We'll take it! 

I make Jeffrey and Aiden go with me to eat quite often. And yes, the 2 plates of rolls right there were just for me...YUM! 

Candid shot of sweet friends. 

Aiden loves the Pork cutlet strips and the dipping sauce to go with it. 

Food at my favorite Japanese place. They have the BEST tempura roll!

Sebnem ordered a whole fish! 


Other favorites are Thai restaurants, of course Western style restaurants and Hong Kong type food. I confess that while we were living in the states I did not venture out much on different types of food, but here I have and I'm so glad for it! 

You can even have lunch at Starbucks! 

Jeffrey and I at Fu, our favorite Thai restaurant. 

If you can see the caption, Mimi is pointing out "Sanacks" 

Dinner with friends at our favorite Hong Kong restaurant. 

Food, food, wonderful food. I am so thankful that there are so many options for going out to eat here. I love it! 

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