Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 17 - Our Fabulous Apartment Complex

One thing here in China that makes life so much easier is our Apartment Complex, and for this I am SOOOO THANKFUL! Chang Jiang Guo Ji Er Qi is our China home. Jeffrey did an AMAZING job finding us a place to live here. I have a great great man! 

Aiden letting himself in to our building.

Some things I love about our "home"...

1. So many wonderful people live here! Friends from around the world.
***side note on this...its wonderful when you need something just for a moment, you can call and borrow from a friend or do your shopping together. Fabulous!***
2. Its within walking distance to Starbucks.
3. The veggie market is super close.

A rare day with blue sky! Isn't it beautiful!

4. The maintenance crew does a wonderful job keeping it clean. 
5. Our guards really do look out for us! 
6. Its extremely safe.

View of the backside of our complex

The front side of the complex...we have some great stores in here that keep essentials on hand. 

A side story about how great our guards night Aiden and I went out to meet some friends for dinner while Jeffrey was traveling. I, being the wacky person that I am, left my keys in my door and totally didn't know it. While we were at dinner I looked at my phone and saw my landlord had called 5x and sent me a ton of messages letting me know this. By the time I got home that evening there were 4 guards standing around my door protecting it. One of them (who spoke a little english) asked me to go in and check to ensure nothing was stolen and waited to make sure I was ok. WOW! Nothing could have made me feel any safer where we live. 

Our guards are wonderful. 

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