Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 15 - Nap Time

Today I am extremely grateful for Aiden's Nap Time! 

Does this make me a bad mom that I look forward to a few moments of peace and quiet? I sure hope not....Ha! Aiden goes down for his nap around 1pm (depending on what we are doing that day...if we are out around lunch nap time may be a later but he goes down as soon as we get home) and normally sleeps until at least 3:3- or 4pm. Some days this is stretched even to 5pm but that is extremely rare and you know my sweet buddy is exhausted when he sleeps that long...or maybe he is just growing. 

Such an angel when he is sleeping:) 

I normally use his nap time to either have friends over so I can have an adult conversation, do some cleaning, enjoy a cup of coffee from Starbucks compliments of Folok, a cup of tea or even read a book. When Jeffrey is home, then dinner prep happens during this time as well. I know we won't always have nap time, but while I do I am going to say thank you Father for it! 

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