Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 28 of Thankfulness - Burgers and Chick-fil-a!

The food here in China has been a surprising fare. Most of it we really like and have gotten the chance to enjoy food from all over the world. But at times some of the stuff we see or are served makes me very thankful to have a good Cheeseburger and Chick-fil-a waiting on us upon our return to the states.

Our meal at the airport before was wonderful! I had sweet and sour pork with rice. It used the Wuxi style BBQ and let me just say....YUM! 

This week in Xiamen was no exception. While Aiden and I were exploring Wal-mart, we found some stuff that I haven't not seen yet in Wuxi. 

A whole pile of dried jelly fish

A close up view. Anyone want me to bring some home for them???

As for this....I have no idea. I even asked some of the dealers and their wives we were with this week and they had no idea what this was. Doesn't look very appetizing to me though. 

While on the tour with the AGCO dealers we all had lunch. One of the items they brought out to us was "some sort of worm from the sea". This was the best description anyone could give us. And I knew that when most of them wouldn't eat it that I wasn't going to either.

Looks great doesn't it? 

One of the gifts that everyone in our group was buying was dried seafood. It was weird to see but apparently it is super popular and was everywhere. Definitely was not very appealing to me, but I guess it is just like beef jerky, but with fish and the like. 

So, for all of these strange new foods that I don't want to try there are many that I do. Take me to eat dumplings any day! But I look forward with all my being to getting to eat a good burger anytime I want. If anyone wants to meet us at the airport on our return trip next year with either Chick-fil-a or a Royal Red Robin burger I would forever be in your debt. Ha!!!!

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  1. So, I check this site often and wonder how things are going. I started following you a few years ago when you first moved to China. It's been wonderful reading all about your adventures. I used to work with your cousin, Keith Ratliff at State Farm here in Missouri. He and his wife moved to KC last summer, but we worked together 6 years before he moved. Are you updating some other place now, or have you moved back to the States? Thanks!