Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 29 of Thankfulness - Good Service

Our trip to Xiamen this week reminded me how thankful I am to get good service from people around  China. Most of the time the service you get is not very good (in my crazy opinion). 

We flew to and from Xiamen on Shenzhen Airlines and they were amazing! The food on the plane was some of the best airline food I've ever had and the attendants were so helpful and polite. On our return trip the main attendant saw that Aiden had fallen asleep and immediately went to get a few blankets to cover him and use as a pillow. They kept coming back to check on him and us to see if they could assist any further. 

At the hotel we stayed at, Swiss International Hotel, the concierge was fabulous as well. Quick to answer questions and look for how best to help out. They were always calling cabs for us and went above and beyond in helping us find restaurants, directions and then telling the cab driver exactly where to go. The lady that helped us find the Mexican Restaurant sought us out on our return that evening to inquire how the food was. 

I know these are small details in the grand scheme are not much, but it meant so much to us. If anyone is ever traveling with in China, I would HIGHLY recommend Shenzhen Airlines and if you are going to Xiamen, the staff at the Swiss International Hotel is wonderful. 

Thank you to all of you who on a daily basis provide good, helpful, quick and wonderful service to all who need it. From the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU!!!!! 

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  1. So, I check this site often and wonder how things are going. I started following you a few years ago when you first moved to China. It's been wonderful reading all about your adventures. I used to work with your cousin, Keith Ratliff at State Farm here in Missouri. He and his wife moved to KC last summer, but we worked together 6 years before he moved. Are you updating some other place now, or have you moved back to the States? Thanks!