Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 27 of Thankfulness - Travel

Aiden and I got the chance this week to tag along on one of Jeffrey's work trips to Xiamen. This city was beautiful! I'm very thankful to have the chance and the ability to join him when we can.

Our room over looked Gu Lang Yu island and the was beautiful!!!! 

Jeffrey had to work one whole day while we were there so Aiden and I did our own thing. The day started out guessed it....a trip to Starbucks! Aiden has learned to enjoy this as much as me, and if you even mention it to him he gets excited. His "treat" is a blueberry muffin and orange juice. Mine of course is either a Vanilla Latte or Toffee Nut Latte.

Enjoying our morning at Starbucks. 

Later that morning we went to the hotel's "heated" indoor pool. We learned it wasn't so heated, but we enjoyed it anyway. Aiden loves to swim. The swim wore him out, so we headed back to the room for lunch and to let Aiden nap. The kid slept for 4 hours. Whew! While he napped I was able to enjoy the beautiful view from our room overlooking the bay.

That night after Jeffrey headed back to his dinner meeting Aiden and I went exploring around the town and found a fun night market next to a nice shopping mall. We explored Wal-mart (which I have yet to do while in Wuxi), found a nice semi import store and then wandered around the local market. I love getting to see all the new and different things to see in China.

Aiden found the Lightening McQueen body washes and was hard to pull him away. 
This is a "Service Library" that I thought was a cool idea...just like RedBox, but for books! 

On Friday, we all went on a city tour with some of the dealers from the conference Jeffrey was attending. This was one of the best experiences touring with locals that I have ever been a part of. This group was wonderful. We explored Gu Lang Yu island and went out on a boat to view an island belonging to Taiwan. It was wonderful.

This is Taiwan...a cool experience to see. 

Saturday, Jeffrey, Aiden and I went on our own to check out NanPutuo Temple and walk around Xiamen University. It was a beautiful morning and one we really enjoyed.

We don't get to do these kind of trips very often so I'm super thankful to have gotten this chance to go!

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