Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 16 of Thankfulness - Nap Time

Today I am thankful for Aiden's nap time. Ha! 

This is a glorious time that I can get a few things done around the house, have a conversation with a friend, or even at times, host parties. Most days he still sleeps about 3 hours...I'll take it! 

He is definitely a lover of his sleep and for that alone I am thankful. Rarely does he not want a nap or fuss going down for his nap. But in all of this if we are not at home, he used to not nap at all no matter how hard we tried. Finally, we have over come most of that. Still there are days when does not sleep well outside of our house (mainly in the stroller), but we are getting there. 

Sleeping in the stroller while we explored Tian'anmen Square.

While we were in Beijing this weekend, he did fabulous at sleeping. We were so thankful for those times as it allowed us all to keep going and see more of all that Beijing had to offer! 

Thank you Aiden for taking good naps! 

Yes, he is laying down in the car....yes he is not in a car seat, but this is don't have to here. And he slept great. This was right after we left the Great Wall, he climbed in on his own and asked to take a nap. Ha! I guess we wore him out. 

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