Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankfulness Day 4 - 5K Club

Monday's used to be a day to dread, but now it is a day I look forward to with excitement. Each Monday a group of us walks to Starbucks and back. All in all it becomes about a 5K walk, so we call ourselves the 5K Club! 

I am very thankful for these ladies and they help my week start off right. We see so many funny and strange things on our walk, and of course…it ends with COFFEE! What could be a better day than this? 

Today as we walked, I took pictures of our journey so you can follow along and walk with us. 

We start off in front of my apartment building. Its about a 30-40 minute walk depending on how fast we walk that particular Monday. 

All smiles…ready for the day to begin! 

Here we go…this is the beginning stretch of the journey. 

Now this may not look strange unless you live here, but for the past 2 years this area has been nothing but dirt, but today they had put new sod squares down. Aiden, the Bob, and I took it for a spin. Whew…it was not flat or even. Even with my massive off road stroller it took some strength to get across this new patch. A friend of mine with a smaller stroller couldn't make it. We just laughed it off as "this is China!"

There is always one point of the journey that it never fails that we almost get hit by either a taxi or a bus. Kinda crazy and scary at the same time. Again…."this is China!". 

Lots of shopping, restaurants and salons that we pass along the way. 

Vendors selling all sorts of different items. 

Brand new shopping mall….when will it ever open? Its been 2.5 years in the making. 

Gotta fix your scooter along the way. 

And of course…you can always buy some fish and turtles to take home. 

and then we end at….you guessed it Starbucks! 

Thank you my dear friends for your friendship, laughs, and willingness to walk! I love Mondays. 

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