Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 17 of Thankfulness - Escalators

Today I am thankful for escalators and elevators. 

Back in the USA I completely took these for granted. Never before (well I guess I didn't have a kid very long in the states either...ha!) did I need to carry the stroller up stairs or lift it over a barrier, or even carry my luggage up/down the stairs. Now that this is a part of our daily life and travels I realize how thankful I am for these modern inventions.  

We are super thankful for you little stroller in these moments, and even more thankful that Aiden walks most of the time so we don't have to carry the stroller much any more. 

At the subway stations around China, some of the older ones do not have escalators so we are forced to carry everything we have up and down the stairs. One good thing about this though is it teaches you (hahahaha!) to pack lightly....something we haven't fully mastered yet. 

Whew! Tired already from carrying all that luggage...but they aren't finished yet. 

The crowd we had to get through to get to the stairs. 

There they go, picking up their luggage to carry down the stairs. 

Look at  my man go! 

It definitely makes me thankful and extremely happy anytime I can find an escalator or elevator. Or maybe this just makes me lazy, but either way I'll take it! 

To the inventors of these wonderful inventions I say....THANK YOU! 

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