Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 19 of Thankfulness - Taobao

Today I am thankful for Taobao!

This is an online website here in China that has EVERYTHING....and I do mean everything! And the best part, they deliver to my door.

Awesome. The best part for me with this site is that I can get most of the import products I love but at a much lesser price.

The one catch is that it is all in Mandarin. Thanks to Google Chrome, I'm able to translate it to English to better be able to search for the products I want. But you do get a much better deal most of the time if you can search in Mandarin and not English. This is another wonderful benefit from my weekly lessons and my English/Mandarin dictionary.

Some of my favorite things to order here are:

Cheetos, Cheerios, Cake Mix, North Face coats, Vera Bradley bags, toys for Aiden and coffee syrup.

Its wonderful!!! I may miss this shopping experience more than any other when we move home.

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