Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 25 of Thankfulness - Chen, our Driver

Though at times he drives me crazy, I am very thankful for our driver Chen. Living in China it is not as easy to get around as it is back in the states. Taxis are great and we use them quite often when we don't have Chen, but it is not as easy to run errands using taxis.

I noticed this more last Friday when Aiden and I had quite a few things we needed to do around town that day and Jeffrey needed to use Chen. I was very thankful that we were able to quickly get taxis every place we went, but instead of being able to leave our bags in the van we carted them around in all of the stores with us. Yes, I realize this is a first world type problem and I shouldn't complain, but it just made me more thankful than ever to have a driver.

Aiden loves Chen and for that I am even more thankful. At times Aiden has a hard time with some of the locals as they tend to hover and touch him more than what he is comfortable with, but Chen has apparently learned this and has given Aiden space while still playing with him. More often than not he asks me "Chen help Didi (this is what he calls himself)" to get out of the van. Its cute.

Chen will help me carry my bags into the apartment and helps me practice my Mandarin. If I don't know the name of something or a place, he tells me to get it figured out.

I still really look forward to the day I have my own vehicle and freedom to drive myself, but for today, I am very thankful for our driver.

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