Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 26 of Thankfulness - Toilet Paper & Soap

Back in the states I don't think I would have ever realized or even said how thankful I am for toilet paper and soap. There is it just common place. If you go to a public restroom (for the most part...) and they are out of either, you just notify someone and usually the problem gets solved right away. But here, more often than not you don't have either. If you do have toilet paper then it is most of the time in one roll outside of all of the stalls so you have to take what you need in with you before entering. Most of the time, I just plan ahead and take some in with me. So thankful 

Soap on the other hand is even less common. I started carrying around with me a small container of hand soap with me everywhere I go so that I can always wash my hands. I confess this notion of no soap in the bathrooms grosses me out more than I care to say. Ha! 

So today I am thankful to have soap and toilet paper in bathrooms around the world! 

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