Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6 of Thankfulness - Zhao!

As if I wasn't already spoiled enough, today I am thankful for Zhao, my coffee delivery man. 

Last year we had a company here in town called Folok that would deliver lots of different things, but you know me, I mainly ordered Starbucks. Then one day their website said it was down for maintainence and it never came back online. I was super bummed. I mean, come on….what was I going to do now that I couldn't have Starbucks during Aiden's nap time? NOOOO!!!!! 

Then one day my door bell rang and it was a Chinese guy there. I figured he had the wrong apartment so I told him what my building number and apartment number was and he was he was in the right place. He said "Hai de" which is my Chinese name and then Xing Ba Ke 星巴克 the greatest three words in all of Mandarin….Starbucks. Yes please! 

Between the little English he speaks and the little Mandarin I speak, I figured out he was starting a business (he had worked at Folok before they closed) and wanted to continue bringing me coffee. I was ecstatic! 


So in honor of my complete coffee addiction, today I am thankful Zhao and the fact that I can now have Starbucks anytime I want. Whoo hooo!!! 

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