Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 24 of Thankfulness - Our Veggie Market

We have an amazing fruit and vegetable market close to our apartment. I'm very thankful for this market for many reasons. First, its within walking distance so its super easy to get what I need. Second, because of this we are actually eating more veggies.

If you know me well you know I'm not a veggie eater...I prefer meat and carbs...ha! But having so many fresh options readily available has caused me to try and change my eating habits. Jeffrey takes a carrot and apple each day with him to work, and I have an apple for lunch more often than not when we are home. We love sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, mushrooms and green peppers. The lady that I buy my veggies from knows what I get and typically asks me if I need those specific items as soon as she sees me. Its wonderful to have her know what I want and then to help me find the freshest items there that day.

My veggie lady. 

My fruit lady and her husband are wonderful as well. They will deliver my purchases to my apartment at no extra charge. Fabulous! This saves me from either having to carry all those apples home or to save space in the bottom of my stroller. I realize how spoiled I am to be able to have most everything delivered to me and this is something I will have to adjust to when I get back to the states.

The fruit portion of the market. 
This is my fruit stand. 

Another fun part of going to the veggie market is getting to see all sorts of crazy things. My dear friend Brie has been there when they were selling snakes. I guess they had some sort of "healing" property they way she was explaining what she saw. Aiden loves getting to see live chickens. He always wants one (especially the one that roams freely around our apartment complex).

Chickens and vegetables for sale together at the exit of the market. 

Each day at the veggie market is an adventure. So thankful to have it close by!

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