Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cheap Fun Entertainment

This week is one of the dreaded ones here in 8 day work week for our guys. "Working weekends" was not a concept we were told about until we arrived here. This is where they have to make up some of their holiday time by working over a weekend either before or after that specific holiday. Its not a fun situation, but we try to make the best out of it....well I guess Aiden and I do. Poor Jeffrey is stuck at work while we play. 

Since the majority of my friends here are in the same boat, we all get together to keep ourselves occupied and try hard not to think about the fact that it is the weekend. Today was no exception. We explored a mall that just opened, had a great lunch at a Korean BBQ place and braved the crowds at Auchon. Everything is better when you have friends to do it with. 

Checking out some of the fish selection. 

Lunch time goodness

Always open for new experiences. 
So grateful to have all of these wonderful ladies to do things with. But we are ready for our men to come home and join in the fun. 

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