Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sights of the City

I get asked frequently by my parents, "Have you updated your blog?" you well know I have been extremely slack on that lately. Some of the ladies here in Wuxi and I were discussing this past month that it seems like life in China has become "normal" and that the strange things we see are pretty common or else we just don't have a camera handy to take a picture. In light of this we planned a day that we would head out from our apartment complex and walk downtown with our cameras out and ready at all times. 

Enjoy the Journey! 

The Start of the Journey...we have 4 different countries represented! America, Spain, Singapore and Turkey. 

These guys were laughing at all the foreigners with our cameras out, so I had to take their picture. 

I love heels as much as the next girl, but it never fails to amaze me how the Chinese ladies wear  EXTREMELY tall heels no matter where they are. 

You can get your teeth cleaned and watch what is going on outside at the same time....privacy...what is that?

Not much here is stroller friendly...

SPLIT PANTS! The view when we got to this point was much worse than you are seeing now...hahaha!

Checking out the White Babies! 

Ewwww!!!! Is that human or not???? It was all over right where the kids were.....don't wanna know. 

We wanted to get a picture of a baby swimming with the float around their neck, but it was the one day that no one was there...where are all the babies?

The Aiden pose! 

Mimi doing the Aiden pose...its the next big thing! :)

Never fails to amaze me how much stuff they can pile on these carts.

Side view.

Boat in the green water. 

Aw...I love you too Wuxi! :) 

Halfway there!!!!! 

California girls know how to handle Wuxi! 

This man had stopped to stare at Aiden and Sal and watch us take pictures, so Mabel asked him to pose with her...He turned away pretty fast!!! 

Again...not stroller friendly at all. To get in the "non scooter" areas, we have to lift them up and over the blockades. know they are forever when they will help you lift your stroller! :)

Squatty potty! This is what you find in the public restrooms. 

Checking out the white babies again. 

Crowds all around! 

Live wires hanging first! 

There is a lot of Anti-Japanese stuff going on right now...this sign was spray painted to tell people to boycott Japanese products. 

Public Toilet....we smelled it long before we reached it...though we wanted a picture, no one was willing to enter! 


How else would you go??? On your hands? first.

Brie and I had moved to a hidden corner to change a diaper  and when we looked up these 4 guys were surrounding us trying to see what was going on, but they turned away fast when I wanted to get a picture. 

Halfway to Nanchan! 

Ingenuity! To make a kids seat on a bike, they took a wicker type chair and tied it on the back. I'm SO going to do this to my mountain bike and take Aiden for a spin...what do you think? 

Super Chicken! 

We made it to Nanchan!!!!! 

Canal Ride at Nanchan

You can rent bikes. 

Aiden passed out on our way...missed out on all the fun sights. 

Of course....we ended our walk for lunch at Starbucks! GREAT day! 
It was a great day all around. We had wonderful weather, good friends, and laughter...what more could you want!

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  1. yay! So much fun! I feel so fortunate to have you all as friends! Ready for the next walk already (=