Monday, April 25, 2011

More Pictures from the Journey

Aiden's new glasses!

Rickshaw driver passing us

Don't look too close, but this is an example of the "potty pants!"

Part of our "Scenic Route" on the way to Metro

Crazy drivers

Our driver, Joe!

Rednecks have made it to China!!!!

Such a happy boy! Starting to sit on my own.

Examples of apartment buildings

Taking in all the sights!

Chilling at the new apartment while Mama and Daddy clean

Our sweet new friend Ashley Jane or "AJ" :)

Aiden and Aaron...the manager of the hotel restaurant. He wanted to hold Aiden so bad but apparently was timid about asking for awhile. Now they are buds!

Shopping at Carrefore

Strange fruit we were brought the other night at dinner...not sure what it was but it was good!


  1. Heather, I love keeping up with your blog. Please keep the updates coming. Aiden is getting so big. You must send Andrew a pair of those potty pants - wouldn't that be a hoot if we used those to successfully potty train Andrew!! Hugs!!

  2. hi heather, i found your blog!! you are welcome to read mine if you like.

    the fruit is dragon fruit! i like it too. =) usually i peel the outside off first, because that part is not edible.

    see you on sunday!